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Going out of business, relocating, or remodeling?
Serving Retailers and Chain Stores Nationwide

Closing a Retail Store?

Lemon Liquidators can provide all the necessary support and assistance from beginning to end.
Which option suits your liquidation needs?

General Liquidation:

This process begins with an assessment of your current fixtures and equipment to provide us with insight as to what you can realistically anticipate from the transaction.

Our staff will manage advertising, operations, and the recruitment of short-term labor to clear the building. The store’s contents will be recycled and the facility will be left in broom-clean condition in a timely manner. The best option for those retailers seeking a swift and efficient clean up.

Onsite Liquidation:

Similar to a general liquidation, but offers the retailer a higher return by way of a structured, liquidation schedule.  Our staff manages the onsite used fixture sales, advertising, operations, and the recruitment of short-term labor.

By sending our staff to the onsite location, we can begin selling the gently used fixtures and equipment directly to consumers, maximizing the retailer’s turnover potential. After sales have concluded, the remainder of the store’s contents will be recycled and the facility will be left in broom-clean condition.

Renovating a Current Store?

Let us remove your gently used fixtures! Our company is able to make arrangements for the efficient removal of your existing store fixtures and give them a new life in the recycled market.

This is not only cost effective for buyers who purchase used fixtures, it is also environmentally conscious.

Help us create a cleaner world!

Establishing a New Store?

We have an established nationwide network that can be used to fulfill your gently used fixtures and material handling needs. Superior customer service is of the utmost importance at Lemon Liquidators.

It would be a pleasure to help you outfit your store in a way that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly!


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Gondola Shelving Material Handling Retail Fixtures
  Gondola Shelving   Material Handling   Retail Fixtures  

Welcome to Lemon Retail Fixture Connection

Lemon Retail Fixture Connection is delighted to be your ONE STOP shop for all of your store fixture and material handling equipment needs! As a full service provider of used store fixtures and material handling products, we can outfit your space from the retail front wall to the backroom and offices.

Take a look at the items pictured on the following pages to see the array of fixtures, merchandisers and equipment offered. We’re sure you will find what you are looking for!

The Lemon Retail Fixture Connection showroom and warehouse is located at 2195 Broehm Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207. We are open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Please stop by and peruse our showroom!

Are you opening, updating or closing your business?

Owning your own business is the American Dream! Let us assist you define your retail environment by customizing fixtures and equipment to develop your visual merchandising and operational plan, enrich your company color branding, and highlight your product.

Fixtures are merchandising tools that create a successful design that both increases sales and word of mouth marketing. They are foundations for a merchandise presentation that have a direct impact on consumer buying.

Time to update or expand your store?

Whether you are looking for new visual enhancements or expanding your current space; Lemon Retail Fixture Connection has options! Choose fixtures from a multitude of types, colors, shapes, and sizes to enhance your businesses’ ambience.

Creating a memorable retail experience for your customer increases shopper satisfaction. Retail is about change and the retail setting, including the store fixtures, must change with it.

Reorganizing, closing or moving?

Are you selling store fixtures? Lemon Retail Fixture Connection buys used store fixtures and material handling equipment as well. Please contact us via Contact Us or by phone at (614) 409-9850 to discuss your project.

Gondola Shelving:

Lemon Retail Fixture Connection is your source for pre-owned gondola shelving! Both Lozier and Madix gondola is available in platinum, white and gray.

With a huge collection of sizes available, we can customize your shelving to create the aisle, wall or end cap configurations appropriate for your space design and products. Purchasing pre-owned gondola shelving is an economical option to buying new.

Material Handling Products:

Whether your goal is to organize, create space efficiency and functionality, or need additional warehouse mobility, Lemon Retail Fixture Connection can help!

Used pallet racking, light duty pallet racking, backroom shelving, conveyor, carton flow rack, cantilever rack, pallet jacks, dolleys, rolling ladders, material handling carts, forklifts and shopping carts are readily available for you.

Retail Fixtures:

Are you looking for options to merchandise your product? Our full line of previously owned retail merchandisers include slatwall and accessories, gridwall and accessories, garment racks, display tables, showcases, counters and mannequins.

Supplies and Utility Equipment:

Every company uses supplies and utility equipment on a daily basis. Lemon Retail Fixture Connection is the place to find safes of all sizes, lockers, janitorial supplies, cash register tape, pricing guns, shovels, ladders, air compressors, banders, brooms and much more!

Why purchase used store fixtures?

Purchasing used fixtures is environmentally responsible. Repurposing and refurbishing are ways of taking used items and reallocating them for new purposes. This keeps materials out of landfills and limits the drain on natural resources such as timber, petroleum and fibers therefore protecting the Earth.

Used fixtures and equipment provide economic benefits. For the generating company, there is saving in the disposal fees. For the purchaser, the items are less expensive to buy used than new.


quote  Lemon Liquidators has a unique ability to find just about any piece of used equipment we’ve needed. They have the manpower to deliver on time, the experience to accurately predict costs and schedules, and the knowledge to make deals work for all parties. We’re thrilled to work with them on a regular basis!
- Kevin Murray of Murray Material Handling, LLC.

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